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The journey of starting Crawford Works hasn't been easy, but it has been so worth it. If you have a heart and passion for the people of Crawford county, we'd love for you to get involved. 

Before the decision was made to form the Crawford Works non-profit corporation, a group of key business people and organizations wanted to determine if there was a need in Crawford County for this program.  As such, with the financial support and assistance from the Crawford County Education and Economic Development Partnership (CCEEDP), Hord Family Farms, and the Carter Family Foundation; the consulting firm of Strategic Consulting Group, Inc. (SCG) was asked to survey local employers for the purpose of answering three key questions:

  1. Is there a significant number of people in Crawford County who need help transitioning out of poverty?

  2. Are there entry level jobs available for them?

  3. Is there a need for another jobs program in Crawford County to connect people with available jobs?

The findings of the study showed:

  • That there are approximately 350-400 entry level job openings at any given point in time in Crawford County. 

  • The survey covered employers who represented 3,470 employees, or approximately 25% of the total employment for Crawford County.

  • The average rate of turnover in entry level positions was 66% on an annual basis.

  • Given the demand for filling entry level jobs, there is enough need for Crawford Works to introduce a new jobs program without competing with any other partner.  In fact, Crawford Works sees anyone who supports helping willing and able workers become employed and retaining their job for at least a year as a partner to the same goal.

If you'd like to get invovled financially, your donation supports the following:

  • $25 Provides vital workshop materials used for job training

  • $50 Helps with transportation cost to and from employment opportunities

  • $100 Provides access to our legal advocate to help individuals resolve legal issues hindering employment

  • $250 Provides a series of 1-on-1 financial coaching sessions and tools to help employed Members budget their earnings and develop assets

  • $500 Pays for 6 counseling sessions for individuals to mental health barriers to employment

  • $1,000 Provides access to 1-on-1 employment coaching to guide individuals on their career path

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